Embassy of Vietnam May 2015


Welcome to the official website of the Embassy of the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam in South Africa.

Vietnam and South Africa established diplomatic relations in 1993. The two countries since then have a lot of potential to offer each other for the promotion of their a comprehensive partnership, especially in economics and trade. With a population of over 94 million people, Vietnam possesses a young and talented workforce, and a vast market, a promising destination for businesses, investors, and tourists from South Africa and elsewhere in the world.

In the past two decades, Vietnam-South Africa relations have achieved tremendous progress in various fields including Politics, Diplomacy, Economy, Culture, Education, as well as Defense and Security. 

Since its establishment in the year 2000, the Embassy of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam in South Africa has made effective contributions towards the development of the Vietnam-South Africa Partnership for development and cooperation. The Embassy is the home for the Vietnamese community living, studying and working in South Africa. Working for the Vietnamese community has always been an important priority of the Embassy. The Embassy supports a strong and highly integrated community and encourages Vietnamese people in South Africa to maintain their cultural identity, to contribute to the development of Vietnam as well as the Vietnam-South Africa relationship. The Embassy looks forward to your positive feedback so as to make this website more and more informative, useful and user friendly.



  Vu Van Dzung

  Ambassador of Vietnam