Continuing the working program in South Africa, on October 11th, 2017, the delegation of the province led by Mr. Nguyen Van Tri, Deputy Secretary of the provincial Party Committee, Chairman of the provincial People's Committee visited Johannesburg city to carry out investment promotion activities.

In the morning of October 12th, 2017, supported by the Embassy of Vietnam in South Africa and the Johannesburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Vinh Phuc province held an investment promotion seminar. Ambassador of Vietnam to South Africa Vu Van Dung; Chairman of JCCI; representatives of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of South Africa and nearly 30 South African organizations, businesses attended the seminar.

Speaking at the seminar, Ambassador Vu Van Dung shared about the socio-economic development of Vietnam, the FDI attraction situation, political and economic relation between Vietnam and South Africa, potentials for Vietnam to invest in information technology and mining in South Africa. After that, Mr. Nguyen Van Tri introduced Vinh Phuc’s potentials, investment opportunities, prior sectors, products Vinh Phuc needs to import such as raw wood, high-end construction stone, ...


Chairman of Vinh Phuc introduces about the investing environment of the province at the seminar.


Chairman of JCCI - Mr. Hurman Breedt warmly welcomed the delegation of Vinh Phuc province. He said that in 2016, JCCI sent a business delegation to Vietnam; at present, they are preparing other group that will visit Vinh Phuc province to survey business opportunities in 2018. Mr. Hurman Breedt also introduced specific policies and supportive mechanisms of JCCI to South African companies when investing overseas and foreign businesses investing in South Africa.


Mr. Hurman Breedt, Chairman of Johannesburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry speaks at the seminar.


Right after the seminar, many investors met Chairman Nguyen Van Tri to present their plans on visiting and exploring cooperation opportunities in the province through the projects as: providing the high qualified beef breed, rare animals for the conservation area and the parks; high-end tourism and entertainment projects.


Vietnamese Ambassador to South Africa and Vinh Phuc’s Chairman exchange with South African businesses.


Before that, the delegation and Ambassador Le Van Dung worked with JCCI. On behalf of the delegates, Mr. Nguyen Van Tri proposed JCCI to continuously be the bridge to support Vinh Phuc on attracting South African investors and thanked JCCI for supporting Vinh Phuc province on organizing seminars successfully..


Mr. Herman Breedt, Chairman of Johannesburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry receives the delegation of Vinh Phuc province.


*In the afternoon of 2017/10/12, the delegation of Vinh Phuc province visited and worked with the Embassy of Vietnam in South Africa. Ambassador Vu Van Dung received and worked with the delegation. On behalf of the provincial delegation, Chairman Nguyen Van Tri introduced about the socio-economic development, investment attraction policies and investing environment of Vinh Phuc province.




Until now, 16 countries and territories have invested in the province with the total capital of nearly USD 3.8 billion. However, South Africa has not invested in Vinh Phuc. Ambassador Vu Van Dung highly appreciated the attraction of investors from South Africa of Vinh Phuc, this is the second time Vinh Phuc has sent investment promotion delegation to South Africa (the first time in 2014). South Africa has a lot of potentials and strengths in a number of fields, but information about Vietnam to the South African business community is limited, so that there are not many South Africa investors to Vietnam.

The Ambassador presented an overview of the Republic of South Africa, results and activities of the Embassy of Vietnam in South Africa in the past years. On trading sector, the two countries only reached over USD 400 million in 2016; in the coming year, there will be many mutual activities on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of diplomatic ties of the two countries. Ambassador Vu Van Dung affirms to be is always willing to support Vinh Phuc to attract investors from South Africa. In the current time, he has been working with the Ministry of Industry and Trade of South Africa, JCCI to send a business delegation to Vietnam and Vinh Phuc to explore investment opportunities in the next year.

During the visit, the provincial delegation worked with Dekari Group - multidisciplinary production and business exchanging business cooperation between this group and enterprises in Vinh Phuc on entertainment, real estate and commercial projects. Chairman of the Group, Mr. Logan J. Shaw suggested that Vinh Phuc should create favorable conditions for the Group to boost the investment and business activities in Vinh Phuc. The delegation also learned experience about the management of modern urban architecture, service - tourism development and successful completed investment promotion activities in South Africa. The delegation will continue to visit the United Arab Emirates (UAE) under the program.